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This is the place where you will find the latest news about the Tuscan Association of Oregon, its events and its members. Or,if the spirit moves you, you can post and get a conversation going.

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  1. oregontuscans Post author

    We lost a stalwart member of our club this summer with the passing of Flora Rigotti at age 98. We’re planning to publish some remembrances of Flora in the November La Lettera Toscana newsletter. What do you recall about Flora? Leave your thoughts here.

  2. oregontuscans Post author

    The Portland International Film Festival is underway. Five Italian films are included. Check out the lineup in our February edition of La Lettera Toscana (which you can find under the “newsletter” heading), then attend a screening! We’ll spend a few minutes talking about what we’ve seen at our Feb. 17 meeting.

  3. Silvia Lelli

    If you are interested in ‘Made in Tuscany Cinema …:
    Buongiorno, sono felice di apprendere che esiste la Tuscan Association of Oregon!
    Sono un’antropologa e documentarista toscana, collaboro con l’università di Firenze, e ho pesanto che questa notizia può essere di vostro interesse: sono lieta di comunicarvi che ho vinto il premio ‘The Spirit of DaVinci Award’ al Da Vinci Days Film Festival di Corvallis, con il film documentario “Johanna Knauf direttrice d’orchestra: music to the people!”, girato a Firenze, in bellissimi luoghi storici.
    Forse conoscete questo Festival intitolato al toscano più noto al mondo, Leonardo da Vinci, perché simbolo del unione tra tecnica e arte.
    Ho pensato che può farvi piacere fare una passeggiata al sud… e venire a vedere il film, che racconta l’attività di una delle poche direttrici al mondo che, con il suo metodo di accoglienza, rende dilettanti e professionisti felici di cantare assieme e suonare splendida musica: Verdi, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Honegger.
    Verrò in Oregon con una collega a ritirare il premio durante il Festival, che si svolge dal 19 al 21 Luglio a Corvallis. Sarò a Portland il 15 Luglio sera e dal 16 al 17 Luglio vorremmo fare una visita al Timberline Lodge, perché amiamo molto Stanley Kubrik e abbiamo scoperto che lì ha girato Shining, e anche perché deve essere un bellissimo parco naturale.
    Allego la scheda di presentazione del film documentario e suggerisco che forse può essere gradito dai vostri lettori inserire questa notizia sulla vostra Newsletter.
    Molte grazie per l’attenzione e complimenti per la Vostra organizzazione,
    Silvia Lelli

  4. oregontuscans Post author

    Here is a translation of Silvia’s post above…

    Hello, I am glad to learn that a Tuscan Association of Oregon exists!
    I am a Tuscan anthropologist and documentary filmmaker, I collaborate with the University of Florence-Italy, where I live. I think that these news may be of interest to you: I am pleased to announce that I won the prize ‘The Spirit of DaVinci Award’ at Da Vinci Days Film Festival in Corvallis, with my documentary film “Johanna Knauf Orchestra Conductor: music to the people!”, filmed in Florence’s beautiful historical places.
    Perhaps you know this festival, named after the better known Tuscan in the world, Leonardo Da Vinci, as a symbol of the union between art and technology.
    I thought it may please you to take a trip to the south … and come to see the film, which tells the activity of one of the few women conductor in the world; through her method of openness, she makes amateurs and professionals to sing along together and play beautiful music: Verdi, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Honegger.
    I’ll come to Oregon with a colleague to receive the award during the festival, which takes place July 19 to 21 in Corvallis. I will be in Portland on July 15th in the evening and on the 16th and 17th we would like to pay a visit to Timberline Lodge, in Mount Hood National Park, because we love Stanley Kubrick and we found that Shining was filmed there, and also because it must be a beautiful place!
    I attach the presentation of my documentary film and I suggest that perhaps it can be appreciated by your readers to enter this news on your Newsletter.
    Many thanks for your attention and congratulations for your organization,
    Silvia Lelli

  5. oregontuscans Post author

    We OregonTuscans lost one of our founding members back on March 14 when Mario Monti passed away after living a very full 98 years. His daughter, Jan, delivered a beautiful tribute at Mario’s memorial service on March 19. If you’d like to learn more about this wonderful man and friend to all, please click below or copy-and-paste the following address into your Web browser:

    Click to access mario_monti_eulogy.pdf


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