Welcome to the Tuscan Association of Oregon!

Thanks to everyone who came to our holiday potluck on Dec. 21. If you weren’t  there, check out what you missed.

la_befana1Our next event is Festa della Befana, the traditional Italian celebration of the Twelfth Day of Christmas (left). It’s a little later than the twelfth day this year, coming on Jan. 11 at 2:30pm at St. Michael’s Church at 424 SW Mill in downtown Portland.

Following that, we’ll resume our regular monthly meetings on Feb. 15 at 3:30pm at Carvlin Hall at St. Philip Neri Church, 2408 SE 16th Av. in Portland.

We conduct entertaining and informative programs monthly and would love to have you join us for a meeting or, ultimately, join our club. Sign up for our free monthly newsletter here. Here is the current issue. Our Association’s bylaws are here.

See the Round-up page for details of previous meetings.

The OregonTuscans Website was updated on Dec. 23, 2014.

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